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Evaluation of Grief Support Services (EGSS)

FEBS is now EGSS!
With feedback from FEBS users and guidance from an advisory group of bereavement professionals, NHPCO revised the survey to be modular and changed the name of the survey. Please see below for details on the changes!

Members only: FEBS to EGSS Transition Webinar Recording


The EGSS survey is designed to evaluate bereavement services from the perspective of the recipients of the services. The survey takes a comprehensive approach by including questions on a wide range of services, many of them optional so that hospices may tailor the EGSS survey to reflect the specific services they offer. 

EGSS Guidelines

Email egss@nhpco.org if you are interested in utilizing EGSS!

Important Dates


Time Period for
Surveys Received

Data Submission Period

Report Available with National Comparative Data

 January – June Report     

1st half of year
(Jan 1 – Jun 30)

January 16 – July 15

August 1

 July – December Report

Second half of year
(July 1 – December 31)

July 16 – January 15

February 1

*NOTE: We posted the EGSS surveys for use in February 2018.  Dates vary for when hospices initially began mailing EGSS surveys and receiving those surveys back. For this reason, EGSS initial report will say July - December 2018 but hospices may need to make a note on their report for when they started using EGSS surveys.  The timeframe for data entry began July 16, 2018.  We will resume six-month reports for the Jan-June 2019 reports.   

Step 1 - Data Collection

The survey documents are accessible to members only.  Once you click on a survey, you will be asked to log in with your email address and NHPCO password (separate from access with your DART ID).  If you have difficulty logging in as an individual, please email our Solutions Center (solutions@nhpco.org).

We made a small text update November 2018 to the surveys. If you already use EGSS surveys, you will need to download the updated surveys for use:

Step 2 - Data Submission

 Video Tutorial HERE!

The new and improved FEBS Portal was introduced in 2017.  After FEBS transitioned to EGSS, the Portal is now accepting EGSS survey data entry.  Use the portal to access the link to enter survey data AND view your hospice's reports.  Your report populates data in real time so you will be able to view your report immediately.  National comparative data will be included in reports February 1 for EGSS.

PLEASE READ BEFORE ENTERING PORTAL: If you were a FEBS user, you must now be using EGSS. The Portal accepts EGSS survey data entry only.

Enter the Portal

If you do not know the DART ID and Password for your hospice, please contact NHPCO Solutions Center at 1-800-646-6460 or email solutions@nhpco.org.

Step 3 - Reports

Individual Hospice Reports: Access to your individual hospice's report is available through the Portal.  Once you are logged in to the Portal, select “View Report” to access your report.
Reports with national comparative data will post on August 1 and February 1. 

NOTE: YOU MUST UPDATE THE NUMBER OF SURVEYS MAILED FOR EACH DATA SUBMISSION PERIOD.  Failure to do so means both your hospices and the national response rate will be inaccurate.

Enter the Portal

Questions regarding the EGSS survey and reports, data collection, or data submission can be sent to: egss@nhpco.org.